High performers maximize the value of their IT investments to distance themselves from the competition even in a challenging economic environment.

BSW Infrastructure Outsourcing (IO) enables organizations to create a more costeffective and responsive IT infrastructure which promotes service stability and reliability, and enables rapid response to changing market and business conditions.

BSW collaborates with leading organizations to create low-cost, high-value IT solutions that provide a platform for profitable growth.

Infrastructure Outsourcing Services

BSW helps clients achieve business objectives through a flexible approach in which we address current point needs while keeping the larger picture in mind. We work with clients to significantly improve productivity and reduce costs, as well as reshape their IT asset portfolio.

Infrastructure Outsourcing Services:

  • Service Desk
  • Workplace Services
  • Data Center Services
  • Network Services
  • Security Services
  • IT Spend Management

Data Center Services provide end-to-end management of computing environments, shifting the data center from being high maintenance to enabling high performance. Data Center Services include the following infrastructure management services to enable a secure and stable environment:

  • Systems Management
  • Systems Monitoring
  • Storage Management
  • Managed Hosting & Storage
  • Database Administration
  • Application Technical Services

Our Data Center Services enable high performance for clients through the following:

  • Delivering required data center capacity with reduced infrastructure complexities and improved utilization.
  • Reducing data center operating costs by 15 to 25 percent.
  • Mitigating risks of staff turnover with a large pool of deeply experienced resources.


BSW was awarded exclusive distribution partnership in Western and Eastern Regions for Dusfan an Enterpise ICT Center in a box, provides Management with the edge of leadership. ICT has evovled to provide managment with best business practice of the industry. Dusfan has incorporated all IT functionalities in a single box.

  • Enhanced Linux Operating System and database with a framework to consolidate all solutions and reduce the operations cost.
  • Enterprise resources planning with best business practice of all business departments.
  • Customer relations’ management integrated with enterprise resources planning and PBX solution to streamline and reduce time & Cost.
  • Business objects solution provides Analytics built to be easily embeddable and meet diverse and changing big data requirements.
  • Communication is vital to business, Dusfan PBX is equipped with landline termination to VoIP, SIP, IVR and Video Conferencing solution.
  • Dusfan POS for retail sector with built-in database to grant transaction as stand-alone server that support multi stores.
  • eCommerce of procurement and supply chain as B2B and sales as B2C is an edge to edge feature.
  • Dusfan mail server is Integratable with all mail clients including outlook, with a web access similar to out-look client for ease of use.
  • Business data is critical, scalability is mandatory to provide as needed. So our stackable framework provide scalable solutions.
  • Business continuity is fulfilled by Dusfan cloud providing local and remote incremental backup with disaster recovery solution.

Managed IT Services 24/7

Whether you own a small business or manage an IT department, your company faces a growing list of information technology and business challenges. The burden of managing your IT isn’t getting any easier. Your Information Technology issues are diverting critical resources away from engaging your customers and growing your bottom line. BSW’s Managed IT Services plans eliminate your computer headaches and let you get back to doing what you do best: engaging your customers and growing your bottom line.

Here’s How BSW’s Managed IT Services Can Grow
Your Profits

  • Cut Your IT Expenses by 30%…or More: A recent survey of our IT Managed Services customers proved that our customers on average, reduced their IT Expenses by at least 1/3 by engaging us for their IT Outsourcing. We can start saving your company money, from month 1.
  • Focus on Engaging Your Customers and Growing Your Bottom Line: We make your IT Support headaches disappear, allowing you to spend your time on activities that grow your revenue.
  • Contain Your Spiraling IT Costs: Our Managed IT Services plans deliver the IT Outsourcing Services you need at a low, fixed, monthly rate.
  • Increase Office Productivity: We keep your network running at peak performance, eliminating latency. Our Help Desk Staff is available 24/7 to quickly solve your end-users most difficult challenges.
  • Desktop Management

    From product acquisition to disposal, BSW's certified desktop technicians can support the entire life-cycle of your IT assets, providing customized desktop services based on the nuances of your environment and the technical capabilities of your end users. Over the years BSW has acquired the practical experience of designing, implementing and managing help desk as well as onsite and remote desktop support operations for over 4,000 users in Saudi Arabia. We leverage these desktop support services, knowledge and expertise to drive improvements and efficiencies for our clients.

    Our solutions include the following:
    • Desktop Installs/Moves/Adds Changes
    • Asset Tracking
    • Operating System Upgrades, Migrations & Support
    • Anti-Virus/Security Management
    • Backup Management
    • Image Management
    • Hardware/Software Rollouts
    • Special Projects

IT Equipment

BSW is considered by many businesses as one stop shop for all their IT equipments & office material Supplies. We provide only quality products in very competitive rates. We follow very strict SCM system that allow us to supply quality materials in a rapid and cost effective manner.

  • Since 2007, we have delivered office supply products to organisations that choose to use a quality office supply distributor. By offering Guaranteed Low Prices, Free Next Day Delivery, Expert Product Knowledge, Over 10,000 Office Stationery items and our Service Guarantee, you can be assured you will receive the attention you deserve EVERYDAY!
  • In 2013, BSW have become a HP strategic business partner for reselling HP products and Services. our HP products ranges from HP toners, printers, Desktops, laptops to HP Servers, switches and storage solutions.